Saturday, May 14, 2011

I am so honored to be the mom of these kids. WoW it really is an amazing thing to be a parent and to watch your children learn, grow and become little people. . . .

Savana has had such a long past 2 weeks with dance. I am so happy to say she had her last day of 4th grade last Tuesday and I get to have her home with me the rest of the summer!I was getting ready to take the teenager to school and princess Bryn came running down the hallway saying, "wait! kisses and hugs" Awwe I love the tender moments between these two. They have a unique relationship because they are 10 years apart. This was supposed to be a "wordless" post but I guess I ruined that part by sticking words in it, Ha! I will do better on my next wordless post :)

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